Sunday, 16 October 2011, 09:18
Be smart, Be wise

Just a quick update. :)
I was 'falling sick' for the past 2 days. Sore throat and flu. The two sickness that I hate the most.
Perhaps i caught a cold in the cinema that day + I ate some heaty food (which I meant 'pizza')
Getting better today after I taken medic ytd, reluctantly. >.<
So, I went to the Beauty Expo at KLCC today. Crowded! From head to toe, you can find all sorts of beauty products like make up, skin care, hair product, health food/drinks, beauty devices ....... Zzz
Of course, I didn't come home with empty handed. *ngek ngek
Bought some hair products, a hair ironing curler, dead sea bath salt, 4 boxes of health drinks. Few hundred bucks gone. :'(
Anyway the health drinks are 2 coffee - for slimming purpose and 2 fiber - to prevent constipation and detoxification. Hopefully they works, if not, @#$%^*(*&^#@
Because I am very lazy to work out and yet love to eat, so I shall give these kinda drinks a try. Since the salesgirl was very convincing, bet she was.
Will comment on the result after I finish the 4 boxes. = 0 Definitely recommend if it works on me!

Ohya, there was this talk on women reproductive system at the beauty expo and I was somehow got pulled into the room. Yeah so ended sitting there and listened to the women speaking on the importance of a woman's womb and the varieties of viruses that could attack our reproductive system any min! (The photos she showed were *looked away* )
According to the speaker, women's uterus functions are to detoxitfy, release stress and for pregnancy purpose. Thus, women live longer than men because we have an extra detoxification and stress release organ. =D
Lastly, she introduced us the Vevagel that aids in destroying the 20 types of harmful viruses while forming a protective layer over the reproductive organ. (something that you put into your vagina and inject the gel into your cervical)
Then, she passed the speaker to a girl, to tell her version of story. That how her life was miserable and how badly she was affected by the hormone imbalance problem before she met this product. *we were told that she tried to commit suicide before (the story end with tears on her face)
So, the whole talk was VERY convincing. Well, I came home and did some research just now. Guess what I found out!?
Of course I found the 'VevaGel' by Optimal official website but ironically, I found another similar product named 'Vivagel' by Starpharma. Well, not only that, what caught my attention was the last message on the Starpharma's page,

Important notice to consumers: Click here for further information on an unrelated company “Optimally Holding Co”.

What shocked me was the page that link lead me to. read the following that I had copied.

It has come to the attention of Starpharma that an unrelated company called Optimally Holding Co., Ltd. is marketing a product named "VIVA balanced sterilization fluid" with the package bearing the mark "VIVAgel". The company also uses of the websites, and
Below are the two photos of Viva Gel and Veva Gel by Optimal. Both with the same logo, 12 in each boxes. 
I believe the so called Optimallyholding company changed the name Viva Gel to Veva Gel after some time, due to some reasons. I guess. *sendiri faham lar

So, I guess the talk and all those stories and tears weren't so trustworthy after all. 
Anyway I am sharing this because I believe A LOT of people drop into traps like this, believing what we were told/seen was real. It is not because we were dumb or shallow minded, it is because we don't have knowledge in certain fields or maybe they made it too convincing, too real to believe it's not true
So people, don't get fooled. Be smart in choosing your products, especially those for consumption and application on your skin. 
Like how you would be wise in choosing your partner, your life path. :) 
I learned my lesson today, I hope you do too. =D

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